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Dec 30, 2023Liked by Tony Petersen

Happy New Year, Tony!

I love your list of books! I especially liked your mentioning of Babette's Feast by Isak Dinesen aka Karen Bilxen ( Out of Africa). I have not read Babette's Feast but have seen the movie and I really enjoyed the story. I finished listening not long ago Reading for the Love of God by Jessica Hooten Wilson, which she writes on how reading does not just need to be a personal hobby, but there is also spiritual benefits to it. This past year my reading/ audibles have included; Spare by Prince Harry, With by Skye Jethani, Route 66 Still Kicks by Rick Antonson (planning a Route 66 trip), and Being God's Image Why Creation Still Matters and Bearing God's Name Why Sinai Still Matters both by Carmen Joy Imes . I have a few books in my cue, but I am really interested in reading The Uncontrollability of the World by Hartmut Rosa. Reading over your list I will be adding a couple of more titles to my reading list for 2024.

Have a blessed New Year .

Sherrill Poland

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